Manes Thecel Phares

by Filthy Charity

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released January 1, 1995




Filthy Charity Marseille, France

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Track Name: Picture of Decay
False happiness
Difficulty hide barbarism
False happiness
Smiling faces on TV
False happiness
Heathly children
False happiness
Unheathly hamburgers
False Happiness
Soon to be destroyed
False happiness
Dying world
Waiting for anihilation
False happiness
Nothing will remain...
Just the dust of burned bones...
Track Name: Mutilated Mind
As soon as I was born...
They nourished me with their filth
So I was fit for a life of pain
Mind broken by their lessons
Only fear remains
Living like a machine or suffer the dread
This is wath this putrid world expect of me
Now I've been dead for a long time
I'm just acting like a zombi
Prisoner of my own weakness
How could I let them do it to me?
Now when I look into my mutilated mind
I only feel hate for myself
Nightmare remains...
Track Name: Greed and Power
Don't want to die for your money
Don't want to die for your economy
Greed and power!
Don't want to die for other's ideas
Don't want to die for this system
Greed and power!
Track Name: Social Chaos
Division of youth...
Social chaos!
Communication is broken
Everywhere I see a reign of violence
Suffer without reason :
Crisis, inflation, racism, violence
Social chaos to control everything you do
Social chaos to make you slave of the state
Poverty, indifference, media...
Social chaos!
Blinded by social chaos
Victims of power die...
Killed by their own ignorance.
Track Name: Choisir
Esprits enchaînés
Cherchant un bonheur préfabriqué
Dans les rayons des supermarchés
Je ne veux pas leur ressembler
Ai-je le choix?
Vivre réellement ma vie
Sans la peur d'être incompris
Pouvoir échapper aux clichés
Sans craindre d'être jugé
Ai-je le choix?
Track Name: Prisonnier
Que m'a-t-on appris dans ce monde,
Sinon la peur d'être moi?
Conditionné à ne plus exprimer mes sentiments
La vie m’apparaît comme un tourment,
Ce que je suis?
Une prison pour mon âme et mes sentiments
Paraître, laisser paraître...
Enfermé en moi même
Je ne peux voir au delà de ma peine
Chaos dans mon âme
J'ai trop usé les murs de mon esprit
Je souhaiterais être libre....
Track Name: Exit
I want to ...
Break the wall
The fear of myself
Destruction not understanding
Overdose of pain when daily life calls me
But from this pain rises a new rage
Rises a new rage!
A new rage :
I want to break the wall
I want to break the wall
Break the wall of incomprehension
Between humans
Break the between humans!
Track Name: Warshit
Human absurdity
Brutal anihilation
Sheep commiting suicide
Who's the real enemy?
Protect your country
Believe in stupidity
Track Name: Nuclear Peace
De loin remis des heures maudites
Les potes assis sur le traineau
Crise passagère, comas physique
Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Je ne voyais à Bikini
Absolument passe et peau

Nuclear deterrent keeping peace?
Fucking lie!
No peace as long as money rule the world
Smash nuclear industry!
Track Name: Terre Détruite
Mers assassinées
Ciel asphyxié
Quel avenir envisager?
Quel avenir envisager?
Forêts violées
Climats rendus fous
Quel avenir envisager?
Quel avenir envisager
Sur notre terre détruite...
Planète sacrifiée
Sur l'autel du profit
Quel avenir envisager?
Track Name: War is Big Business
Investments on pain and destruction
Speculation on terror
Innocent die, compagnies stand
Highest profit in the war industry
War is big business
Break down big business
Create death and desolation
To feed this system
Slow death of populations
To nourish world economy
War is big business
Break down big business
Break down big business, now!
Track Name: Hardcore for Glory
Say you're a rebel...
Say you fight this system...
By drinking more beers!
Hardcore for glory!
Hardcore for outfit!
Say you want a change
Say you're anti-sexist
When you still treat some girl as whores
Track Name: Warchildren
Women in mourning
Children's tears
Siege of cities
By puppets clothed in green
Starvation, misery created by men
Hungry for power who send conditionned men
Into the anteroom of hell...
Did their toys have a reason to hate
The people they killed?
Did they know their death
Only serves profit!
But why?
For fucking glory?
Sacrified for profit!
Track Name: Over the Chaos
Mass production
Oppressed minds
Anguish and terror (in this society)
But rise over the chaos
I want, I want to know
Why this despair around me?
Democracy, symbol of illusion
Monney superiority, mankind's destruction
Over the chaos!!
Discriminations, religions
Innocent life broken
Fear and chaos in mind
But rise over the chaos!
Track Name: Un Jour de Plus
Un jour de plus s'annonce
Un jour de plus à contempler
La décomposition du monde
Un jour de plus d'espoirs, de déceptions
A subir la violence de ce monde
Un jour de plus...
Et demain?
Un jour de plus...
Et après?
Un jour de plus s'annonce
Un jour de plus d'ignorance pour l'humanité
Un jour de plus de craintes, de souffrances
Prisonniers de notre faiblesse.
Track Name: Choose your Way
Omnipotence of injustice
"The whole world runs amok, what can we do?"
It's time to find the real solutions!
Selfish attitude no more!
Unity, equality, seems better for me!
Blind faith in leaders no more!
Track Name: Sick of This
Sick by the easy way of hate
Easy way!
Shit way!
Sick of this!
Track Name: Manes Thecel Phares
Moisturizing tongues
Hydrate the dry palate
For bleeding throat
Dramaticaly parched
Tears and blood are shed
And poured into gullets
Like the fucking blessed virgin
With a pair of hobnail boots
Deep line appear
On the wrinkled faces
Decrease of the skin
Just emotional stress
I'm blinded by the wings of an angel
God takes great pleasure in our slow destruction
He can't remember his forgotten poeple
MAnes Thecel Phares
The fear of humiliation
Excruciate my brain
Distressing torments
Have grown up'till madness
A short changing shamelessness
Spread in factory wage
Untrustworthy asset
I'm working like a dog
I sternly see and wait
When hope to change is raped
Sustain is now too late
I've converted my faith
Claims are in vain
Hate remains in veins
Our lifes are in pain
Claims are in vain
Hate remains in veins
Manes Thecel Phares