Split 10'' Filthy Charity / Butcher Project

by Filthy Charity

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Filthy Charity side of the Split 10'' Filthy Charity / Butcher Project


released January 4, 2013




Filthy Charity Marseille, France

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Track Name: False Happiness
False Happiness :

Banalties hide Barbarism
Smiling faces on TV
Healthy Children
False Happiness!!

Unhealthy (Ham)burgers.
Soon to be destroyed,
Dying world waiting for anihilation
False Happiness!
Track Name: Where the crows never die!
Where the crows never dies :

A thousand missiles rain from the sky
Cluster bombs burn the town
Nothing survives with hell on earth
Where the crows never die!
Track Name: From the filth of your charity
From the filth of your charity:

Hey good do'er! Your judeo-christian charity makes me puke
And your values are harmful!!!!
You want to give me charity?! So kiss my arse!!
We are born from the filth of your charity!
Track Name: My sweet misery
My Sweet Misery:

They want to get me on my Knees !!
To be flesh for capitalists !!!
Fattening the big rich bastards !!!
Bored of being a worker !!
Bored of being a slave !!
I chose my own destiny !!
Living in a sweet misery !!
Dodging all this systems shite !!!
Track Name: Hopelessness in the inconsolable street
Hopelessness in the Inconsolable Street:

The Big flour nosed baker,
The angry red man and the Bristol baldy
Neds, thugs, transvestites and legionnaires
The children of disorder, Jah Who? and the DDs
The wee bit hardcore woman
And for sure the master of the pavement!

Snow coffee on the bar, a fight in the corner
Cheb Faycal banging and drink from the best to the worst!!!!
if it's day or night it doesn't matter, it's always dark in the hopelessness of inconsolable street!
Track Name: Where !?

Don't Believe!
You are free!
(power) determines!
Your existence!

Where I can live?!
Where I can die!?
Without this system
Which controls my life!!!
Track Name: Destroy!
Destroy! :

Destroy all these shitty things and change now!!!!
Destroy fascism !
Destroy sexism !
Destroy third world exploitation !
Destroy your fear !
Destroy, destroooy !